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Map Pathways to Student Goals

Practices in this area include programs designed with clear links to further education and the labor market and accessible and relevant information about employment and transfer opportunities. Course sequences and key milestones should be identified on the college's website.


Jackson College offers 74 associate, certificate and baccalaureate programs plus transfer disciplines, skill sets, and concentrations. Programs are arranged into Pathways, designed to create a clear path to an academic degree or certificate, concentration or skill set.

Ashley Van Heest, M.Ed.

Director of Transfer and Scheduling

Jackson College


Kalamazoo Valley has identified Guided Pathways within nine separate areas of study ranging from Art and New Media to Sustainable Food Systems. Each area includes information about careers and salary ranges for credentials within the pathway.

Linda Depta

Director Of Marketing

Mike Thompson

Web & Application Development Manager

Kalamazoo Valley Community College


Mott has mapped out semester by semester course plans for to complete associate degree programs leading to transfer or directly into the workplace. Program pages include a link to Emsi Career Coach, recommended math pathway and a tuition calculator. (Practice 1C)

Aaron Gulyas

Associate Professor of History

Mott Community College

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