Keep Students on a Path

Practices in this area include strategies for students and advisors to monitor progress in a program of study, academic and non-academic supports to help students stay on track, interventions for students unlikely to be admitted to selective programs and student-centered scheduling.

Kellogg Community College

New students at Kellogg Community College are required to complete an orientation course that provides resources to help students be more successful.One module--"What if I don't get into my program?"--addresses the topic of selective programs and discusses alternatives for students who are not able to meet the criteria.

Patrick Casey

Director, Career and Employment Services

The Michigan Guided Pathways Institute is a Michigan Center for Student Success initiative serving Michigan's public community colleges. Michigan GPI colleges are working to implement guided pathways practices at scale. 

The Michigan Guided Pathways Institute and the MCSS Mentoring Program are supported by the Student Success Center Network at Jobs for the Future and generous funding from The Kresge Foundation.

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Jenny Schanker, Ed. D.

Director of Research and Institutional Practice

Michigan Center for Student Success

Michigan Community College Association


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