Ensure Students are Learning

Practices in this area include learning outcomes aligned with further education and employment opportunities, active and experiential learning activities and robust assessment to improve teaching and learning in arts and sciences and career/technical program pathways.

Delta College

At Delta, all students who complete the Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are required to participate in a civic engagement experience, choosing from a designated service learning course, a one-credit civic engagement project under the supervision of a faculty member or a general education course that includes a civic engagement project.

Lisa Lawrason

Political Science Faculty

The Michigan Guided Pathways Institute is a Michigan Center for Student Success initiative serving Michigan's public community colleges. Michigan GPI colleges are working to implement guided pathways practices at scale. 

The Michigan Guided Pathways Institute and the MCSS Mentoring Program are supported by the Student Success Center Network at Jobs for the Future and generous funding from The Kresge Foundation.

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Jenny Schanker, Ed. D.

Director of Research and Institutional Practice

Michigan Center for Student Success

Michigan Community College Association



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